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Monday, September 10, 2012

An Amazing Blog Fundraiser!!

This Giveaway is now CLOSED! Thank You for all who participated!!

Derek and I have put together this Blog Fundraiser as a different way to get donations towards our mission trip.  The last trip opened up our hearts as well as so many others that we shared our experience with.  Several of our friends have decided to go with us on  this next trip, several of our friends started sponsoring kids from the care point we are involved with, and so many people are now interested in helping the kids of Grace Baptist Care Point.  We have been asked to share our stories, pictures and videos of our trip and kids to several groups. God has definitely showed us that our hearts are in orphan care and the vulnerable kids of Ethiopia.   

This giveaway will run from TODAY through FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 28th at MIDNIGHT EST! Winners will be drawn at random and announced on Saturday September 29th! I will e-mail you also, so don't worry if you forget to check back!

Here's how this will work. You can do ONE of these things or as many as you'd like! Just keep track of how many entries you get and let me know what you want to put them towards!

Donate (over on our left side bar) = $5 will get you one entry. Easy!
                                                                  $10 will get you three entries!
                                                                  $20 will get you seven entries!
                                                                  $50 will get you twenty entries!
                                                                  $75 will get you 35 entries!
                                                                  $100 will get you 50 entries!

BLOG About It OR Post on Facebook (comment below or e-mail me so I know!)= ONE ENTRY

You can put your entries toward whichever items you'd like to have a chance at! Distribute them however you'd like to. So if you have five entries, you can put them all toward one item, or put one entry toward five different items. Whatever you want to do is fine with us! 

If you make a donation toward our mission fund, just be sure to write which items you'd like to have your entries go toward in the NOTES section of your payment. If you forget to do this, just e-mail us to let me know!

For example:
Item #1 -  2 entries
Item #5 -  3 entries

If you choose to get involved for FREE, just blog about it or post about it on Facebook (honor system!) - just leave a comment below (or e-mail us) with this information so that we know! 

Item #1

Crystal from The Canvas Heart is an awesome person.  She has helped fundraise for different orphanage needs in Ethiopia NUMEROUS times.   She is just awesome and even LIVED in Ethiopia for a few years! She creates absolutely beautiful Africa-centered Amharic and English art pieces.. just beautiful for your home!  She created this 8x10 canvas piece of art especially for our fundraiser.  Isn't it awesome...I love it!!

Item #2

My mother in law, Carol, has graciously donated some of the jewelry she makes.  She is retired now and loves to do arts and crafts.  She has made these earrings, which make great gifts or you can keep them to add to your current collection of jewelry.  If you love her designs and you want more contact us!!

Item #3

This next donation is from Deanna's favorite Etsy store, JUNK POSSE!! Tracy's designs are her Passion with a Purpose & when you purchase items from Junk Posse you help to support several non-profit groups and Adoptions in several ways.  This bracelet was made just for our Blog Fundraiser.  This is the "One of a Kind" Sterling "Ethiopia" Bracelet.  It is a custom hand stamped bracelet and is 7.5 inches long.  

 Also visit Tracy's blog (click on the Junk Posse Button)

Item #4

These four Ethiopian Scarves are beautiful, light weight and so soft.  Any woman would love them!!   

Item #5

A home made and thoughtfully created baby basket made by Amy's Creative Crafts, "A little bit of everything".   Amy is a friend of mine who has graciously made some items for our fundraiser.  This is a yellow lamb canvas bag filled with a lot of goodies.  It includes baby washcloths, teether, bottle, pacifier, burp cloths, onsie, Taggie, diapers, wipes, Boo Boo Bunny, spoons, baby wash, baby lotion and desitin.  Amy also does embroidery so she has offered to personalize the burp cloths and onsie to the lucky winner of this baby basket.

Item #6

Amy, from Amy's Creative Crafts, has also made some beautiful pictures which is an art called Quilling.  This collection consist of a dragon fly, tulips, and daisies.   Quilling has been around since the Renaissance age.  Quilling or paper filigree is the art of rolling thin strips of paper into different shapes and using the shapes to form designs.



  1. Someone asked if they could send a check and that is perfectly fine! Not a problem at all. Only 11 more days to participate in this awesome giveaway!! Plus get a FREE entry if you post the give away on facebook, twitter or your blog! Thank you for everyone's support. We love you all!

  2. Deanna- please put me done for 3 tickets for bracelet.